Sunday, November 20, 2011

A rough start

While I was playing with robots yesterday, msk had a long and very fun day with b-d. That was great, but long, exciting days, followed by late bedtimes seem to lead to rough mornings. Today was no exception.

Rough days are obsessive and tend towards explosions when I try to redirect. Today's grocery trip was tense with lots of echolalic speech. Then it was computer games that msk couldn't win, but couldn't walk away from. General grumpiness and fussing with his siblings...we were stuck.

Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and we were able to take the dog for a decent length walk in the park. The park just beyond our backyard is always a place for finding peace for msk, even though it smells of sewage and has trash on the banks of the stream from gutters and storm drains.

A sonnet from a different day's hike.


White racket, roiling water draws my mind
Transported neither here nor now, attend
Past images – choice, chance – that lie behind
See future paths achieve idyllic end

Though envied, simple lives are not our way
While focus on the now, fruition decrees
To worry, ruefulness, hold vigor at bay
Then sewage’s tang conveys, awakens, frees

Must watch my step ‘round trash on wobbling stone
He splashes, I observe, removed, on guard
Nudge sand, a glim’ring gem – drift glass is shown
Blue essence, stream has polished from a shard

By focus on detritus, treasures reveal’
Unseen when sight is drawn to dreams’ appeal

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