Monday, November 28, 2011

A massive to-do list

I could probably come up with some sort of clever joke or something to go with this incredibly hectic time of year, but I'm just going to throw down a bullet list and be done with it.

What I need to get done before December 25th, in no particular order:
  • Company Party - big on obligation, small on fun
  • BSO holiday concert with 2 kids
  • Visit (with interview) to Stevens Institute in Hoboken
  • Two hockey games in one day (one played, one viewed) in Hershey PA
  • Christmas shopping, and since they closed Daedalus at Belvedere I'm going to have to figure out something new - blah
  • Heading up the Adopt-a-family drive for House of Ruth at work
    • Counting/sorting gifts
    • Spending cash donations on un-claimed gifts
    • Taking gifts to House of Ruth
  • Financial Aid meeting at the High School
  • Hockey Holiday party
  • Some sort of birthday celebration for msk
  • Christmas tree and house decorations
  • Shopping for the massive holiday buffet party at our house
  • Making a dish to share for work
  • Mailing gifts to out-of-town relatives
  • More harping on college essays and submitting remaining applications
  • Final report and submittal of 2011 Cookie sale

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