Saturday, November 12, 2011


Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in some sort of PoMo exploration of how strange life can be.

Last night at dinner, Msk said to no one in particular, "I have trouble with speech."

Everyone looks up and stares at msk.

He continues while staring down, "Speech is difficult for me, I need to use this program."

This starts sounding familiar.

"I am using this computer to help me talk."

Child #2 says, "No you aren't."

Msk  looks up and grins. "Speech is difficult for me."

Child #2 says, "No it isn't."

Msk continues smiling, "I am using this computer to help me talk."

Child #2 says, "No you aren't."

Msk smiles wider, "Please be patient with me as I use this computer to help me."

This continues for several minutes with everyone smiling and laughing. At no time does msk deviate from the script.

A perseverative, echolalic reproduction of a speech aid that was designed for the non-verbal. Is that circular and warped enough?

And one more thing, this program hasn't been loaded on a computer for at least two years, it was probably two years before that when msk last used it, and he remembered every word and inflection. I remain confused and bemused.

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