Saturday, November 5, 2011

9-80 Day

My work has gone to a new schedule - I work 9 hours Monday thru Thursday, 8 hours on the first Friday and the second Friday is off. Nine days to work 80 hours. When my kids were younger I didn't do it. I really wanted to rush home for homework before dinner. Little kids don't do well with late evening homework in my experience. My kids aren't so young anymore. I don't help with high school homework beyond asking if it's done and maybe some help in scheduling longer term projects. Msk is often out with b-d until 6:30 and even if he's home he prefers to do homework with child #2 rather than me. My evening is freed up, and I now work 9-80.

I usually worked beyond an 8 hour day in the past, but it was at my discretion. Now I have to stay that hour or take personal time. I've also got a very long commute (at least to me) these days. All of that is to say that my days feel very long to earn my every-other-Friday-off day. But earn them I do.

Today was one of my "off" Fridays.
Here's what I actually did (hubs was indisposed, luckily on an off Friday):
  • Take HS students to school (40min round trip) with msk in tow
  • Take msk to school
  • Drive to my mother's apartment to help her with some stuff - my mom is 88 years old
  • Drive to Ellicott City to pick up 26 cases of Girl Scout cookies
  • Organize count and pack said cookies into my car to allow me to have 2 passenger seats open for kid pickup
  • Catch up on on-line book-keeping related to Girl Scout cookies - this took a few hours
  • Pick up msk from school
  • Clean up the kitchen at least a little and load & run the dishwasher
  • Pick up HS students from an after school activity at 5pm
  • Stop by a neighborhood store to confirm they are OK with a booth sale tonight
  • Drop off cookies and table and forms and junk to the mom who's running the booth sale tonight
  • Watch the drama of hit and run accident and a subsequent fight complete with cops and an ambo
  • Collect money from a mom after dinner
  • Have a drink to celebrate the fact that I didn't have work today
Chaotic? Yes, but I actually felt pretty good at the end of the day.

In the credit where credit's due department - this post was inspired by this post from Maryland Math Madness

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  1. Girl Scout cookies! Oh, the madness! It is frustrating to me that our region's sale time is right at the beginning of the school year, when all the other craziness is also happening. Good luck with your booth sales!


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