Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another checkmark

what's under that kilt?
So this weekend marked the final college tour for HSS. I know a better order would have been to do this before submitting all the applications, but Pittsburgh is the furthest location for HSS's school choices.

This was also the only visit that involved a significant amount of time away from parents and in the company of actual students. It certainly leads to a different perspective. "College students are crazy," was the opinion after spending a night as a "bagger" with them (the event was a "Sleeping Bag Weekend"). Nothing new there if I can remember back 30 years or so.

With this weekend every school has a first hand image in HSS's mind and additionally, they all know that the application is pretty serious. I'm not sure it's universal, but more than a few of the schools have mentioned that a visit and an interview help tip the balance in your favor when they're comparing applications. I guess that makes sense, but I didn't visit any of the schools I applied to. Times change.

So now we wait for the big :-) or not so big :-( envelopes to finish coming in. Sigh.

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