Sunday, January 15, 2012



One great thing about having a blog is that I can respond to a comment train here. That means I don't have to bite my tongue, but I don't have to worry about feeding the trolls.

If you want to see the comment that ticked me off feel free to go here. It was the snarky response to my rather straight forward comment that ticked me off.

I think it's fine that people feel that since it's "public" education they have a right to chime in, even if you have no first hand information. I'd go as far as guessing you've got no second hand information and haven't even read anything significant on City Schools - sorry, North Baltimore Patch ain't significant in terms of school reporting. Go ahead and express your idea of what's wrong with City Schools, even if you have no clue. My issue is you slamming me for expressing an actual first hand opinion. The proper response would be gratitude for sharing my experience rather than a snarky put down about my parenting decisions. I am getting close to being done with this school system and I have many, many issues with its weaknesses. Even so, I am sick to death of the clueless masses writing off City Schools based on some sort of racist/classist gut feeling.

* - ventage, what's produced when you vent


  1. I think a little ventage was necessary on that one. I thought it was interesting how many people chose environment. That explains a lot about the reactions I get when people finally do come on tours. Sometimes I just want to ask them... but what did you expect to see exactly? Clearly something just totally horrific.

  2. What exactly did "environment" include? The physical plant, student behavior, the grounds, the actual students and staff, what?
    Did you notice that Mr. Tully seems to have a rather undefined opinion on many topics? Ignore him. Hard, but try. My experience in BCPS is that whenyou finally get "strangers" in the building they are very pleasantly surprised. Not all schools, but many.I am often asked if my city school is "in the county". I teach in the city but live in another county.Could I honestly say I would send my kids to BCPS schools. Probably not but the answer is complicated and deserves a long, thoughtful answer.

    1. It seemed like a truely pointless poll to me, with no definitions on what any of the choices meant. I would guess that people don't want to be labeled as favoring tests, so they don't select that. They don't want to slam teachers, whatever that means, so they don't check that. "Environment" is so vague it can encompass anything that might be on your mind, so they check that. What I loved was the small italics "This is not a scientific poll." No sh*t Sherlock!

    2. All of the polls on there are useless.


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