Friday, January 27, 2012

No "work" today

That's right - no jacket or shoes for a January hike
So today was a catch-up day for me:

  • Sleep in to 7:30 - not really a task, but I can't remember the last time I did this
  • Catch up on some work tasks, telecommuting at home
  • Pay bills
  • Call b-d who's been sick lately and verify plans for the next time he'll work with msk
  • Call summer camp manager and see if it's a good fit for msk to spend his first time away from home and family
  • Call Autism Waiver service coordinator to touch base & talk about high school placement plans
  • 45min hike in the park for msk to blow off steam and me and my dog to burn calories (shoes were worn except for during tree climbing)
  • MVA for learner's permit test - first time since eldest did not want to learn to drive
  • Possible dinner out, if hubster's in the mood
  • Tickets to the BSO - taking advantage of older sibling babysitting

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