Monday, March 5, 2012

"You'll hear from us sometime in March"

Cardboard finger tapping
I am finding the wating for this month's acceptance and/or rejection letters nearly intolerable. I want to see actual financial aid packages. I want to lay all the data out. I want to figure out if I need to cash in some or part of my IRA to pay for this stuff. I want to have enough data so that I can ask HSS what she thinks about these colleges.And after the end of March there's the whole month of April to go back and forth between these colleges and make a decision.

There are lots of tough things involved in parenting. I guess making it through these two months is probably not the worst in an objective way. But more subjectively? I am not good at waiting. I can't stick big issues to the back of my mind until they can be dealt with. It would make sense, but I'm just not wired that way.

So I've got a month of stress and finger tapping and waiting. Checking the mail, getting HSS to check her email and waiting. And it means I'm also getting stressed about other things quicker and easier because I'm stressed to start with. That seems especially bad because msk's IEP and tests, tests, tests are ramping up this month. And stress is doing a number on my body as I round the corner towards the half century mark. And my aging parents = stress. And now the middle child is working on learing to drive = stress. I could go on, but listing these things = stress.

What a whiner I am. Sorry. Next post will be better.

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