Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And on the college front

Yes, these are the goofballs that are now somehow or other ready to be thinking about college...sigh
The letters we have been waiting on have started coming in. They're not all good news, actually, so far they've all been rejections. The tally is 8 schools applied to, 3 accepted, 3 rejected, 2 outstanding. Kind of surprising, but not really bad news. Of the schools HSS has been accepted to, two are state schools (UM College Park and UMBC) which have great engineering programs. Plus they have the advantage of 100% of their tuition paid for by the college saving I started paying into about 13 years ago. The third school, Drexel, also has a great engineering program and has given HSS a $10K merit scholarship - $10K doesn't make a private school cost the same as a state school, but it's a start.

So now it's time to make decisions. Tomorrow I drive to College Park at 5:00 pm (anybody who knows Washington DC area traffic knows what a bad idea that is) to take HSS to the engineering open house. We already went to the UMBC Welcoming Reception and Accepted Student's Day at Drexel. We are so close to being done with this whole application process, and I am more than ready to be done.

Oh, did I mention that my other high school student took a PSAT this year (as a sophomore) and my email is now flooded with all the colleges that she's signed up with to get more information? Guess it starts all over again before HSS is even done.



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