Friday, December 2, 2011

Is it 14 days already?

...or what I did on my 9-80 Off Friday.

On my day off I drove for 3.5 hours up the enchanting I-95/NJ Turnpike route to New Jersey with HSS to tour and interview at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.

After getting lost for about 30 minutes (who knew Jersey City and Hoboken each had their own 9th St and there is no connection between the two), we made it to a beautiful campus.

With incredible views of the city.

Three hours later, with tour and interview completed, and with a sick child who was not up for any trouristing in the area, I got to drive another 3.5 hours back the now dark I-95 route.

When I started doing this every other Friday off thing I thought I'd be more rested and less rushed. Ha!


  1. My brother-in-law taught at Stevens for many years. Hasretired but let me know if you need anything; information, someone to talk to,etc. Of course, that would necessitate me giving you my infor but probably would like to meet you sometime anyway. This blogging is so inpersonal. :-0

  2. Thanks for the offer - at this point the app is done and it's waiting for an acceptance letter in March. It's pretty high as far as favorites go at the moment. It's nice to hear of someone with first-hand experience. We applied based on it meeting the location, right majors and probability of acceptance criteria, I'd never heard of it before.

    As far as anonymity goes, I'm tired of it and I think more then a few people have figured it out, and it's not like I'm a teacher with rules about talking about kids online. On the other hand, I'd hate to leave a digital search signature about my kids when I post my frustrations with them.


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