Tuesday, December 20, 2011

News of note

Right now there is a very important court case going on in Baltimore. The parents of a Special Needs student are suing the school system for $1.3 million for gross negligence in connection with bullying at two different City Schools. I can't express how much this trial and the testimony breaks my heart. Bullying is a sign of a lack of control in a school. The fact that special needs students are far more likely to be bullied then other students is a sign of a lack of compassion among students as well as a reflection of how the school body as a whole feels towards a different and vulnerable population. I believe that a school with calm hallways and a atmosphere of respect for everyone in the building would not have these type of problems. You want to know why school choice is so important? So that parents in these desperate situations don't feel forced to keep there kids in this school. There has to be a way out.

Yes, I know I'm being emotional, but how the hell can you read this story or this story or this post or this post and not become emotional? I can't.


  1. I look faithfully every day. No parent. Is everythin OK?

  2. Sorry, I was just deeply, deeply saddened by this case and the verdict and the things the jurry said. So sad and so close to personal experiences.

    On the other had, I am about ready to put it behind me. I was thinking about a post last night, certainly something this week, I promise

  3. I was equally as appalled and saddened by the case. I have written to you before. I am a teacher and a parent of several kids including a grown child who had special needs. Bullying occurs everyday as well as other obnoxious behavior. Other than try to deal with the issue constantly at the classroom level, teachers' hands are tied. I would love to discuss this with you but am afraid to say too much online as I have been told to be careful. BCPS is full of intimidation to kids and adults alike.

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