Friday, January 29, 2010

The terrible, no-good, wonderful day

Not too long ago we had quite the day. It seemed like every thing that could go wrong did.

Msk went to school, but it unexpectedly closed early. We start talking about school closures days ahead of time so there are no surprises. When weather reports say that there might be snow we say "there might not be school tomorrow." Surprises that change routine are to be avoided at all costs. But there was no predicting the 11:00 closure the other day. That change in routine rippled into msk's after school routine.

Typical afterschool on that day is swimming with the behavioral tech who picks him up from school. But since there was no school that changed to home. But his sibblings needed to get picked up from school, so it was getting picked up late from home.

That meant swimming was cut short, but this was the day for his hair cut, so swimming was cut extra short followed by rushing to the stylist. The rushed drive was not my finest moment as far as patience for putting on and keeping on seatbelts goes. So a rushed and confrontational drive across town.

When we got to the stylist he wasn't there. We decided to wait in his house in case he was just running late. Waiting is hard. Houses are filled with places to explore. The idea that there are some houses where you're not allowed to run upstairs and jump into someone's bed seems totally unfair to msk so we had a few control issues. After a 15min wait we went home.

Keep in mind that routines and patterns are the only way msk can make sense of all the mysterious stuff that happens between and around people. Routines are comfort. Just about no routines in this day were kept.

And what made the day wonderful, at least from my perspective? There was some anger and some frustration, but no hitting, no screaming, no crying. I couldn't of imagined this level of tolerence a year ago. Now it seems to be par for the course. All I've got to say is "To infinity and beyond!"

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