Sunday, January 24, 2010

A fresh start

I think the thing I miss most about school was the way you could make a fresh start every semester. At work projects go on and on forever, and even when a project ends people can ask you about it years latter, as in "What were you thinking about when you designed that board with flying leads instead of connectors?!?!"

So tomorrow is the first day of the second semester for hss and mss. The elementary school that msk is in isn't really all that focused on quarters and semesters and even on grades. But for the two older kids grades and quarters and stressing about grades... that's the definition of the school experience for them.

As of tomorrow, mid-terms are over and projects have been completed, high school applications have been turned in and we start with a clean slate. Mistakes might have been made, but hopefully lessons have been learned. All the scary, getting to know new teachers and subjects is in the past. Nothing but good attitudes tomorrow.

For everybody who gets to start fresh tomorrow, I'm sending good vibes your way. As Red Green used to say - "Remember, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together." And a little more sage advice for the hard work that comes ahead - "Keep your stick on the ice."

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