Saturday, January 23, 2010

Be it resolved

So it looks like that 300 posts goal for 2010 is fading. Generally, I'm just not very good with those big, long term, hard resolutions. The resolution that falls in that category, that I really need to make and keep, that's so scary that I don't even want to post a serious amount of weight. It's all about major lifestyle changes, and usually, I just don't feel I'm much in control of my life. When I stack up the conflicting priorities for my time - work, kids, household stuff, pets, creative outlets, stress relief... taking care of my physical body is so far down the list it never happens.

As I'm careening towards the big 5-0 it's starting to look like this is a very bad choice. I've always been a "vigorous" person. By that I mean that even if I'm fat I can keep up with others on a long walk or a bicycle ride. Something in my personal style makes admitting to weakness just about impossible, so I can always push myself through the activity. Or I could. At 47 it's getting a little tougher. And I'm tired of my BMI slowly creaping up and up.

So, no big and intimidating resolutions. Starting off seems like the right thing to do and it seems like writing it down here should help. So, a few resolutions to start with:
  • Drink coffee black
  • Weigh in everyday
  • Pick low fat when grocery shopping (lean meats, less cream/cheese based dishes)
  • Walk the dog more often

I think that's a starting point. I've been kicking around some more drastic ideas - Alli, gym membership, biking to work... But those are the big resoolutions that seem to overwhelm me.

Any suggestions welcome.

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