Thursday, February 9, 2012


Beaker's stressed
As soon as I came in the door last night I was copying income tax forms and trying to figure out where to mail what. This is the last part of the financial aid process for three schools. Then there's another school that only wants you to fill out their application if you get accepted. Then there's the one school with a scholar's program that has a separate application from their main application, with a deadline a month and a half later after every other deadline was over...totally missed that one.

Honestly, this part of the process seems needlessly complicated. And stressful.

They want to know how much I make and how much I save and how many dependants and if there are special education expenses for a sibling and whatever else...fine. It would be nice if all the schools and scholarships and whoever else wants to know could get together and just ask me once.

And then there are all these obscure scholarships that keep on coming by email that I can't keep up with. Why does this need to be so hard?

I'm stressed and I'm snapping at my husband and HSS whenever the topic of financial aid comes up.

Last night I had a vivid dream that HSS had decided to apply to another college without telling me and I realized I hadn't included that college on the FAFSA or the CSS. It seemed so real I had to ask this morning. I believe that qualifies me for officially cracking up.

Plus there's the joy of trying to get insurance companies to pay for medical/behavioral assessments as we get ready for the next round in the wonderful world of IEP meetings...but that's a topic for another post on another day.

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