Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keep on keeping on

Today was a long walk in the park - msk, the dog and me. On the 26th of February it seemed warm, even though the weather report said today would be the closest to a typical winter day all week.

There were flowers peaking out in many places, and it seemed like a rash choice to me. March snow storms are not all that rare. But I suppose the window of opportunity for these types of flowers is narrow. If they hold off too long and we get one of those early and warm springs they might not get a chance to bloom at all.

A hard choice, that you really can't feel all that secure in, but is pretty crucial and life changing.

I can't tell you how many times both HSS and I have swung back and forth about picking a college. Big, small, debt, affordable, reputation, reality...too many variables for a solvable equation. For msk and this high school path...I'm not sure there is any choice that feels OK. He needs to have a meaningful place in society, but don't know if society wants to make that place for him and these high school choices feel like they are limiting him.

But worrying and flipping and regretting and anger and depression... they don't help. So you put yourself out there and you make a choice and you figure out how to make it work. Because really? I don't see an alternative.

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