Thursday, August 28, 2008

Again and again and again and again...

Not to be a jerk, but can someone please tell me why I have to fill out 3 duplicates of emergency contact/medical information every year for each kid? And certainly not electronically so that I can just hit print three times, no it has to be on the stupid card stock index card thing. Every year, even though the information has never changed. Every year, even when they are staying at the same school. It's a small thing I guess, but it bugs me. I pretty much do everything on PCs and I have gotten used to copy and paste operations. It would seem to be bad for the school as well - can they really read every one's handwriting? Do they toss out all the cards from every year? That's a lot of paper that they could be putting to better use I would think. Sorry...I'll stop whining now.

I'm guessing that some of this frustration is more about the level of stress that we're all under at the beginning of this school year. There are big transitions and a lot of things that you can't help with as kids get bigger. You stand back, you watch and you hope like crazy. Oh, and being that's how I'm wired, I worry and have flashes of all sorts of worst case scenarios.

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