Sunday, October 30, 2011

Doin' the happy dance!

OK, submit was pressed and $65 paid. That means the first application is done. Yay!

Only seven (or there abouts) more to go...yay?


  1. Hopefully there's much that can be recycled from the first one (whether common app or just similar sorts of questions). If so, then yes the first is indeed a major hurdle cleared! Yay for you and HSS!

  2. They do get easier - last night UMBC was completed and submitted, and since that was common app and Stevens Institute of Tech was common app with no supliments and no fee, that got submitted as well. That makes 3 out of 8! I think all the remaining apps are common app, but they have essay supliments to complete. Even if the deadline is 1/1/12 I'm pushing her to complete soon just to be done with it.


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