Monday, September 12, 2011


So here's the post that has been knocking around in my head ever since I read a comment with this link on a blog that I had resolved never to read again.

What do you know about school choice in Baltimore? How can you say with such certainty that children that are assigned to a school that is failing, in so many senses of the word, are not better off at an alternative school? Because of some sort of vague national surveys? Because you've never set foot in Baltimore? Because you've never talked to anyone with actual first hand experience in a charter school in Baltimore?

I hate to use the term, but it seems to me that you are an outside agitator. Your goals have nothing to do with improving educational outcomes in Baltimore and everything to do with political correctness. If you can make your point by storing up anger and tearing apart unity, that's fine.

The pundits on the national education scene have no interest in msk's challenges in finding a school that valued him and his special needs. School choice means privatization to them, regardless of the fact that a charter school may have been started by teachers looking for freedom in developing an educational philosophy. No, it's all about corporations taking over our excellent public school system and trying to make a buck. But Baltimore's schools didn't strike me as excellent and big changes, even though I know they are painful, have made very positive changes in msk's education.

I realize we all have different perspectives - teachers, students, administrators and parents. We have to actually listen to those first hand experiences and value them, as opposed to dismissing things that don't fit into your grand theory.

Venting is over. Sorry. Next post will be light-hearted, I promise.

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  1. On an individual basis, I suppose it all comes down to finding the best fit for our own child and hope everyone can do the same.Not right, but true.

    On a global level, I find it extremely difficult to get good data about any topic in education. The waters are so muddied by politics, commercialism, philosophy, and self interests. The defensiveness of various stakeholders adds to the problem. Good luck finding information that is objective.


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