Sunday, April 24, 2011

When is Spring Break not a break?

Somehow, this spring break has been totally not a break this year. On the agenda:

  • Projects for both high school students

  • Frantic AP cramming, at least for the Junior

  • Visiting colleges with the Junior, both local and one about 3 hours away, that with traffic took 8 hours back and forth and then 5 hours touring...very long day

  • Too much work and not enough vacation time for me to take more than a day or two off

So, tomorrow I go back to work and along with not going any place (besides the previously mentioned college) I haven't done any spring cleaning and I haven't figured out the summer plans for either my special needs kid or my soon to be high school senior.



  1. Have you gotton infor on the ESY? If not, I could forward you what staff has gotten.

  2. I've gotten no ESY info, so anything you could forward ( would be greatly appreciated!


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