Friday, January 14, 2011

Demarcation line

So, prompted by a comment a few days ago, I'm going to try to get back on the horse. Posts have been few and far between, and I really haven't felt like I have a blog anymore.

I've got one main excuse - changes to my work life. I don't usually post about work, and I'm not going to start, but I don't think an explanation of these changes are out of line. My job, company and position have stayed the same, but my commute has gone from a relaxed 15-20 min each way, to a stressful 45 min, adding about an hour to my work day. In combination, my 8.5+ hr work time has gone to 9.5+ hrs. This means my work time budget has gone up more than 20% and my work/non-work time ratio is down nearly 20%.

Add to that the stress of change. As my marital situation, kids, home address, schools, IEP knowledge... have all radically changed, my job has not. I have spent more than 25 years driving to the same place and generally doing the same thing. Busting out of that rut has been very hard.

Despite the time/energy issue, I do like blogging. I certainly have a lot I'd like to write about. What I need to do is find a way to make these posts a little easier to get done. Here's my plan: I'm going to try to have shorter posts and I think I'll branch out a little from strictly school related issues. I'm going to post a minimum of once a week.

It's a plan!

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