Sunday, March 14, 2010

So tired of it all

Two and a half weeks since my last post and that one was fairly angry and frustrated. The truth is, that after eleven years of mainly being a cheerleader for City Schools, I'm tired. I find myself unexpectedly trying to find a middle school placement for a kid with a very significant level of autism. I'm not finding a lot to be cheery about. We're just about finished with a middle school that could never make a place for msk. A school where we've spent five years of trying to feel like we were welcome, as opposed to "out-of-zoners." At this point, I've given up and don't plan on participating in meetings about budgets or fundraising. The high school seems to have turned into Payton Place - way too much politics going on and sadly I'm talking about grown-ups, not kids.

So - the next month or so will be about meeting with special educators and trying to get them to be honest about how willing they are to work to make a place for msk. Something that is his legal right and that I know is far from a given. Honestly, I'm not feeling too hopeful.

I know that I have no choice but to buck-up and smile and do what needs to be done. On this rainy, grey Sunday, I'd just rather go back to bed.

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