Monday, March 29, 2010

Choosing Joy

I'll admit to being rather sulky lately. It came on somewhere in the middle of a tsunami of stresses: Last minute middle school searches; Too many insane deadlines at work; A high school student not living up to their potential; Waiting for an acceptance letter; A trip taking one kid out of the country; Taxes; A brutal post on another blog; Continual questions about inclusion vs. special ed schools for a significantly autistic kid. I was so focused on staying afloat I didn't realize how grumpy I was becoming.

Over the weekend the usual family activities didn't bring me the normal enjoyment. On Sunday's walk in the park I found myself rushing msk instead of giving him the freedom that has made park time so wonderful for him. I worried about him climbing a tree. I didn't feel like scrambling up and down steep hills. I talked in a fairly unpleasant tone. Generally, I sulked.

Today at work I was just as grumpy. I had a bit of a meltdown over an email. Generally I acted like a jerk.

This is unacceptable and having now recognized my bad behavior I choose to stop it.

So in an attempt to turn it around I'll follow that Ian Dury & The Blockhead tune and list reasons to be cheerful:
  • I got a phone call from my traveling kid and she seemed very happy
  • Next year I'll have 2 kids at the same school
  • Looks like the middle school selection process is over via a lottery win
  • It should be beautiful by the end of the week & I think I've earned some time off
  • A challenging job is way better than a boring job
  • The DSL that was out due to rain is back up now


  1. Good to see some things are looking up!

  2. You got it!

    Nothing can simply turn anybody down than one's self... really!

    If you don't allow that to happen to you, then there will never be a bad day or a grumpy day at all...

    A conscious effort of seeing the good thing in everything is just about it!

    Live a happy life ahead!


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