Monday, November 2, 2009

What made this weekend insane

I love my life and kids, and I'm not complaining, but I just want to write down the agenda from this weekend. This was an especially tough one because my dear husband was sick and incapacitated for the duration:

  • Leave work early to make it to Fells Point to buy corn husks (middle school kid volunteered me to make tamales for a Day of the Dead party on Tuesday)
  • Go home to whip up pot luck dish for a dinner meeting for elementary school kid parents
  • Go to meeting with all 3 kids, older ones acting as chaperons - ends around 9:45 which is a late night for msk
  • Get msk to bed pronto so he won't be a disaster on Saturday
  • Count money and do book-keeping to prep for Girl Scout Cookie booth sales
  • Get msk to Special Hockey in Reisterstown - spend an hour cheering and encouraging
  • Rush home so that msk can make it to a movie with his aide and classmates
  • Rush to Girl Scout leaders home for cookies for a booth sale
  • Spend 3 hours at a booth sale with high school kid
  • Drop off remaining cookies and pick up pre-packaged salad for Halloween Pot Luck
  • Take 2 kids to Catonsville for Halloween party
  • Come home and take msk trick-or-treating - a challenge for an autistic kid, but he loves it
  • Wait for midnight to pick up kids from Catonsville
  • Normal grocery shopping with msk while kid #2 does Sunday school & church
  • Figure out some books that look new enough to give as a birthday present for a 5th grader
  • Start laundry
  • Rush to birthday party in White Marsh
  • Spend 2.5 hours trying to keep a very excited autistic kid in line in a hyper-stimulating environment
  • Come home and continue laundry
  • Start cooking pork and Chile sauce for tamales, finish with kid #2 when she returns from youth group meeting
  • Fix dinner
  • Help get a school project to print-out right (adjust columns for a tri-fold brochure)
  • Stay up too late doing laundry
Monday's plan (post script of the weekend)
  • Take msk for a haircut- often a challenge for an autistic kid
  • Roll & steam tamales with kid #2 into the wee hours

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