Thursday, November 19, 2009

Moustache time again

So once again Baltimore City Schools are participating in Moustaches for Kids. This is a fun project to help raise money for specific projects at specific schools in Baltimore via Donors Choose. Donors Choose is a great idea. Teachers put in proposals and donors search for projects that interest them. The direct connection is wonderful. You get personal emails, detailed descriptions and you feel totally connected to the classroom that you're helping out.

What's the connection with moustaches you ask? Several brave men involved in City Schools (there's a list here) pick projects and grow moustaches. As time goes on they post pictures of their endeavors.

I've put a widget on the side of my blog for the grower I'm supporting - Nick Greer. You can also get to his page here. He's a great teacher - Baltimore's Teacher of the Year in 2008. He was also the grower I supported last year. By making a donation your are:
  1. Supporting City Schools
  2. Showing support for Baltimore's Teacher of the Year
  3. Supporting teachers in Baltimore's schools
  4. Letting me know that people read and are influenced by my blog

I admit reason 4 is pretty lame, so let's focus on 1 -3. Baltimore's schools need all the help they can get. Nick is an outstanding teacher. But for me the biggest reason is - Who can turn down teachers who are putting in extra work to support their students and student's in their colleges' classrooms?


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  2. Foarte interesant subiectul postat de tine. M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place ce am vazut.Cu siguranta am sa il mai vizitez.
    O zi buna!

  3. I've been deleting SPAM lately, but I'm not sure if the last comment really qualifies. Here's the text translated from Romanian:
    "Very interesting topic posted by you. I checked your blog and I like what I saw. Surely I will visit him in May.
    Good day!"
    I don't see an add for anything, so I'm not deleting the comment.


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