Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember to count to ten...

OK, look, I know ESY is only four weeks long (which for kids that can't stand the 2 weeks off prior and the 5 weeks off post is actually a crime...but that's another post). I know that you can't expect a perfect fit or a lot of training from people who never meet with the IEP team or parents or even msk (again that's another post). I know that there are staffing and budget issues. But...

The one-on-one aide (or para-professional or whatever the current term is) is assigned to my child. Being with and guiding said child is their entire job. They are not an extra set of hands and feet to run errands for the classroom. It is not OK if they can't come to work on time. The IEP is not some sort of squishy guidelines that you can choose to follow if you want or if it's convenient.

OK. Now that I've vented it's time for the count to ten. Breathe... remember that this is short term and, following the lead of msk this placement is a positive thing. Breathe... only four days left. Calmer now... but if anyone tries to tell me how great special ed services are in Baltimore City, I think I might take their head off.

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