Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take action

So, I seem to get some amount of traffic on this blog. I'm not sure who comes to this site or if they actually read what I post, but in a sense of optimism I've added a widget in the top right corner that lets anyone who is interested follow a link to a petition on Change.org

As actions come and go I'll change the widget, but for now it has to do with restoring fairness to IDEA funding. If a parent is in conflict with a school system and has to go all the way to court there are a lot of expenses that they will incur. One is the cost of expert witnesses - for example speech assessments followed by testimony on the results. The bill in question specifies that the school system is responsible for these costs.

We've never had to go to court to get the special one a Free Appropriate Public Education, but we have had some disagreements and we have paid out of pocket for some tests and reports to back our argument. I'm happy that we could manage the finances of doing this, but it seems unfair to make having this amount of money a requirement for getting your child a decent education.

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