Thursday, April 2, 2009

A different awarness of autism

Some facts that you won't hear on most "Autsim Awareness" TV blurbs (stolen from Spectrum Siblings, but he says it so well I don't want to change it):
  • There are autistic people employed in every imaginable profession.

  • Autism is not a synonym for stupid or retarded. In fact, many autistics have average IQ’s, and some have IQ’s far above the normal range.

  • Autistics fall in love, get married, and even have children.

  • With proper support, most autistic adults can live independent or semi-independent lives. However, the majority of states have little to no support for autistics above the age of 18.

  • Autism is incurable. But when asked, many autistics respond that they do not want to be cured.

  • Autistic children have a profound effect on their families. Their siblings are more empathetic, nurturing, and accepting of other’s differences than their peers. Their parents learn to enjoy life’s small joys, and celebrate each new development.

  • Although their expression may be atypical, autistics can still feel emotions. Autistic or not, it hurts when someone stares at you, calls you names, or belittles your existence.

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