Thursday, March 5, 2009

One more time

I know I've posted about Wendy Portillo twice already (here and here), but sadly it appears this story is not done with. Now it's turned into a court case pitting parent vs. teacher and those are usually pretty ugly. This case is too personal and disturbing for me to try to see from the teacher's point of view. If you teach special needs kids you have to feel compassion towards them. You can be frustrated that you don't have the time, training or whatever, but for me it's unforgivable to treat a 5 year old autistic child so cruely. Clearly, Ms. Portillo hates kids and it's time to find a new profession. Sorry, no compassion from me. If you even moderately agree, please read and consider signing this petition.

Positive note for the post? My special one is in an inclusive setting that is staffed by teachers that are nothing like Wendy Portillo. They care about him and all of the students in their school. We are very, very lucky.
image above: "Broken Heart" by Fabu

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