Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Justice

I posted this spring about a teacher in St. Lucie County Florida who had her class of kindergarteners vote on whether a 5 y.o. presumably autistic child should be allowed to stay in their class after he stood and listened to why they didn't like him.

It turns out that the school board has suspended the teacher without pay for a year as detailed in this story. I found it kind of encouraging until the end where the mom was saying she felt she had to homeschool her son because of how bad he feels about the incident.

I guess there is some level of justice to be found here, but the root cause of the problem is that a teacher with so little understanding and training about special needs kids was allowed to teach this class. I would feel better if the story had included a statement about how the district was going to prevent this from ever happening again. As it is, I just worry more about my special one and what's lies in his/her future.

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