Friday, October 17, 2008

The high school challenge

The transition to high school continues to be a challenge for both the HSS (high school student) and me. It's not the fit of the school. In fact, the HSS seems to be glowing about the course content and the fellow student in classes. The problems are more related to the amount of responsibility that these kids are supposed to take on and inversely the lack of any way that I can figure out how to support/help the HSS in growing into this responsibility.

A couple of examples:
  • I've tried informally emailing a teacher with an idea of how a 504 plan that had worked in one school might be transition into the new school. Definitely a non-confrontational email saying that I wanted the HSS to learn to take responsibility, but maybe we could help? No response. I asked the HSS to talk to the teacher and it seemed clear to me that the teacher wanted to work this out with the student and felt my input wasn't needed.
  • This PSAT day was bewildering for me. Some schools were giving it to 100% of the students, ours was not giving it to 9th graders who were supposed to stay home for the morning. This information was given out in one handout that somehow the HSS didn't get or lost. Nothing on the website besides "10/15 is PSAT day". No newsletter. The BCPSS calendar very clearly states early release days for teacher conferences and for HS mid-terms and finals. Nothing about PSATs listed there.

I know that eventually the HSS will need to be way more organized, but right now we aren't there. I guess that means that I've got to figure out how give support - I've got no clue on how to at the moment, beyond trying to talk to other parents at the school more often. It's a learning experience for both of us.

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