Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Couldn't we just talk this through?

So, for the last two or three weeks I've been getting these recorded calls from BCPSS. Typically tape recorded phone calls are an immediate hang-up for me, but given that I was getting the same call day after day I eventually got the message - my child was out of date on shots and was going to be kicked out of school. I should contact their school directly.

Well...first off I've got three kids so saying my child is not really all that helpful. All three have been in school with no shot issues for at least four years. We're pretty good at filling out those stupid emergency contact forms in triplicate, so there should be no problem reaching us. So no calls directly from any school. I randomly picked one school/child and asked them how being out of date for shots would work. Would they just tell a kid to leave school one day? I was told that no, we would be contacted by mail first. That actually the mail should have come before any call.

Wonderful...so maybe the tape recording machine is just messed up. Nobody has said anything to us or our kids at any school. The shots are good for all three of them. So fine, I just started ignoring the phone calls. Then, finally one of the schools says we've got a problem - no vericella vaccine of the youngest. Well...actually none have had vericella shots since all of them had chickenpox. Somehow that was good enough for two of them, but not the last one. And it was good enough last year, but not this year. Finally between the pediatrician and the school office personnel spending lots of time reasoning with North Ave. it gets straightened out.

Too much stress and drama for all parties, if you ask me. Just a little direct communication when this all started is all it would have taken.

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