Friday, September 19, 2008

Back-to-school night x3

So, we've completed three back to school nights. There were some late nights, but I feel pretty uplifted. With a few exceptions, the teachers were there and excited to see us parents. I really love seeing enthusiastic teachers, and I assume they're at least that psyched when they're in front of my kids. Hopefully all three kids now qualify as having involved, but not obnoxious, parents. After signing lots of sign-in sheets, I hope the teachers are getting some sort of brownie points for parent participation. I know the schools will be judged, and hopefully there's some sort of trickle-down to the teachers.

It was nice to meet the teachers, but there were a few parents I could have done without. I know that I should feel a sort of solidarity, but some of them were just too annoying. When you're in a big meeting how about turning off, or at least muting, your cell phone? Also, I could have done without the stories of older siblings in the same class and blah, blah, blah. Really, do some people's lives have so few outlets for public speaking that a school meeting seems the perfect place for a soliloquy?

But, besides being long, I loved meeting the multitude of teachers that my kids spend so much time with. We've made it through the first four weeks of the school year, and I'm thinking maybe this will be a good year. Here's hoping so.

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