Sunday, August 5, 2012

The summer of our discontent is 2012

Hard, hard, hard.

Being 13 is testing boundaries and butting heads. Especially with the other male in the household.

Going away to college is figuring out how to deal with a bureaucracy on your own. Especially if you go to a fairly large state school. Having dealt with many different bureaucracies in my adulthood, I feel like screaming about what you need to do to get to the head of the line and get what you need. Not my job, at 18 the college kid needs to figure it out.

When the City School lawyer asks a a professional "Who's interests are you representing?" at an IEP how can you not shake your head? Aren't we all trying to serve the student's interest? No, I forgot, it's about making each demand for an educational setting that actually is fair and appropriate, but costs money, painful and difficult.

When yet again the ESY setting is shameful. No matter how much msk needs structure and continuity in the summer, he's not going to be left in a situation that is unsafe. So once again we have a difficult and unproductive summer.

When meeting after meetings drains my soul and my savings, and it's nothing but pure stubbornness that keeps you going...And then you remember that the School of Hard Knocks doesn't give diplomas easily and that's the school that special needs parents attend.

Quitting's not an option, so this summer will be endured. Maybe we don't survive the system, but we will survive this summer.

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  1. Please know you are paving the way for many, many other families. The progress may be maddingly slow and painful, but it is progress for you, your students and others. Don't cease your stubborness yet. Long ago you must have realized this is not a popularity contest, and you don't have to worry about what people think of you. The results are the thing.

  2. I witnessed an BCPS-ESY program this summer. Sickening! A total waste of a child's time and worse.


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