Sunday, July 3, 2011

Retour d'un voyage en toute sécurité *

So, day before yesterday, we returned home. I'm a worrier, but I think all my worries were unfounded:
  • msk might have stressed a little, but he made it through the week unscathed
  • even though my husband and I have had little time together as a couple we do have things to talk about and share a common sense of what is enjoyable to do on an adult vacation
  • French engineers (at least the ones I met) are more interested in getting things to work than making me prove my "Subject Matter Expert" standing
  • I can enjoy myself thoroughly without worrying about what's happening at home with just a few skype contacts
I'm sure there more posts I can make from this experience, but right now I'll just post this to let you know we're all OK.

* My French is horrendous, but babblefish tells me this is how you say "return from a safe journey"

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