Friday, August 28, 2009

RIP Edward Kennedy

Perhaps this post is a little out of character - a post on national politics and seemingly not particularily personal. Typically most national politics really doesn't affect my life very directly. I'd have to say that is not the case when it comes to the body of work that Senator Kennedy acheived in his career. Laws that have to do with the rights of the disabled have massive impact on my life and on the lives of special needs children (like msk) and adults. It's hard to overstate how different our lives would be if msk was not getting educated, which would be the case if there was no IDEA law. It's hard to imagine msk's future without the ADA law. These are laws that Senator Kennedy was instrumental in developing and getting passed. If you're interested in seeing his history in Disability Rights you need to look at his position page. If he had done nothing else in his life (and that's certainly not the case - he's dedication to almost all social justice issues is easy to see), he would be a hero to me.

Rest in peace.

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