Friday, January 23, 2009

Stopping the budget axe

Given the bleak picture presented in this Baltimore Sun article and this letter from Dr. Alonso is there something we can do to change this budget decision? I won't argue that the state is in a desperate situation, but there's no way that it's fair to pass this on so harshly to the poorest school districts in the state! City Schools have been making progress because of everybody's hard work and because there has been more equitable (I won't say fair, but moving in that direction) funding for Baltimore's schools. I was just about to send off letters to every politician that I thought would listen, but I'll pause to see if anyone has suggestions for a more unified and organized response.

This is so frustrating and frightening to me - after spending the last ten years in the City Schools I finally have a sense of hope for the system as a whole. I'm inspired by what's being accomplished and I feel vindicated in the choices I've made for my kids. Now it seems like the rug is being pulled out from under our feet! Here's an idea for an economic stimulus - invest in our schools! We could put the money to use and there's no question about the long term pay-off. There are enough building repairs that need to be done to keep the whole state's construction industry occupied.

Sorry, I'm starting to rant, but I feel like this is an attack that is hitting too close to home and family.

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